Lost Soccer Grounds
Emmanuel’s Story
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A Brief Guide to Researching United States Soccer History
General Resources A good place to start when examining any area of US soccer history is David Litterer’s American Soccer History Archive.
1894 Player Database
The database contains information on players who competed in the American League of Professional Football (ALPF) and the American Association of Professional
Vampire Association Football Club
In the podcast I suggest that Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Vampire” may have been an inspiration for the club’s name. The poem itself can be found on the
Two Horse Race
The episode recounts the National Challenge Cup tournament and describes the action as the American Soccer League’s 1923-24 winds down. Listen to the podcast here.
The Threadmen Cometh
The episode outlines the second half of the 1922-23 American Soccer League season and discusses the National Challange Cup final. Listen to the podcast here.
The Oneida Football Club
On this edition of the Soccer History USA podcast I discuss the Oneida Football Club of Boston. During the research for this episode I discovered a curious discrepancy.
The Next Level
Could 1924-25 be the American Soccer League’s most successful season yet? This episode traces all the changes as the ASL continued to expand.
Soccer History USA
The National Challenge Cup trophy. Image: sieu.edu In this episode I examine the American Soccer League at the half way point in the first season.
The Inter-Allied Games: United States
Since the Inter-Allied games were not sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee and FIFA the matches are not counted by these organizations as
The Inter-Allied Games: Top Stars
The Inter-Allied games was an athletic tournament organized by the United States military and the YMCA. The games were held in Paris from June 22 – July 6, 1919.
The First Women’s Game
The podcast episode is dedicated to the history of the first documented women’s soccer game (football according to the Association rules) played in the
Steven Apostolov on the 1950 World Cup
Steven Apostolov earned a Ph.D. in 2011 from the University of Paris. His dissertation “Les hauts et les bas du soccer professionnel aux Etats-Unis
Soccer History USA
The episode chronicles the off-season moves and the first month of the 1923-24 American Soccer League Season. Listen to the podcast here.
Spanish Soccer in New York City
In the podcast I mentioned a few of the challenges that Spanish teams and the Spanish American Soccer League (LHA) faced as the decade of the 1920s drew to a close.
Sources for Roger Allaway and the First Association Game
Sound clips in the Roger Allaway Episode from www.freesound.org: Metal Band Jam 5 Thrash.wav by RutgerMuller football score.wav by winsx87 Anton sowing
Soccer and the Color Line
Football in Central Park c. 1915 Take a moment to click on the above link and look at a photograph from the collections of the Museum of the City of New York.
Selling Pelé
The episode “Selling Pelé” is based on a talk I gave at the “Soccer as the Beautiful Game: Football’s Artistry, Identity and Politics” conference held
Roger Allaway
I first met Roger Allaway in 2008 at the National Soccer Hall of Fame. At the time I was beginning my research into U.S. soccer history and formulating