The First Women’s Game

The podcast episode is dedicated to the history of the first documented women’s soccer game (football according to the Association rules) played in the United States between the Colleen Brawns and Bonnie Lassies. The match took place on December 3, 1893 in San Francisco California.

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Unfortunately we have little information about the women who participated in the game. More details, however can be found about some of the other sporting women I talk briefly about in the podcast including Ella “Jaguarina” Hattan and Lillian Smith.

The U.S. Fencing Hall of Fame has a detailed biography of Hattan who was born in Ohio in 1859. She trained as a fencer with Col. Thomas Monstery who had a San Francisco connection through his friend Mark Twain. Hattan would go on to excel in the sport of mounted sword dueling, although some believe most of the bouts were fixed. Note: Most of the online documents give her name as Ella but some sources, including Alan Guttmann’s Women’s Sports: A History refer to Etta.

Lillian Smith was born in 1871 at Coleville, California. She took up shooting as a child and soon became well known across the West Coast as something of a prodigy. In 1886 she joined Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show and toured Europe, including stops in England and France. She developed an intense rivalry with Annie Oakley although it was usually Oakley who proved herself to be the better markswoman, at least under pressure.

Originally posted August 2014.

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Special thanks to Mel Smith and Rob Weir for their assistance.

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