The Inter-Allied Games: United States

Since the Inter-Allied games were not sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee and FIFA the matches are not counted by these organizations as official internationals. The inconsistent and incomplete information regarding the players has made it difficult to identity most of the men who represented the United States in the games as well as those who played on the various teams who competed in the American Expeditionary Force championship.

In the podcast I discuss a few of the players that I was able to locate including Joe Cunat, Edward Demmer and Maurice Hudson. I post the rosters here in the hopes that someone may have information on these athletes, especially where they may have played before the war and if they continued to do so afterwards. Please leave a comment with any questions and/or information. I will update the page if anything new comes to light.

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soccer team
The United States Team in the Inter-Allied Games 1919. Photo from Spalding’s Official Soccer Foot-Ball Guide, 1919-20. The Louisa H. Bowen University Archives and Special Collections, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

United States Inter-Allied Soccer Team Roster 1919

Lt. Baker
Hugh Collins* – a Collins appears in the photo but its unknown if it is Hugh or William
William J. Collins
William Crawford
Joe H. Cunat*
Robert S. Dougall
Bernhard Gallagher
Robert Gardner*
Lt. Hall*
John Hampson
Thomas Heelan
James F. Higgins
Maurice Hudson*
Andy Hume
Victor W. Johnston*
Michael J. MacElernay
John M. MacFarlane
Hugh MacKernan
H. Madsen
McKenna* – appears in photo but not on the published roster
Thomas J. McNaught
Meredith J. McTernan
James P. Moore
1st. Lt. Robert R. Norris
William Oliver
Frank Osbourne*
Robert Patterson*
Lynn Reynolds* – manager
Alfred Sheppard*
Harry S. Walsh*

Those marked with a * appear in the team photograph published in the 1919-20 Spalding’s Soccer Foot-ball Guide and reproduced above.

American Embarkation Center – AEF Champions. Photo from Official Athletic Almanac of the American Expeditionary Forces.

Line-ups for the American Expeditionary Force Championship Final May 15, 1919

Position A.E.C. LeMans 80th Division 3rd. Army 6th Division
Goalie Edward Demmer J. Smithrada
Right Full Back Joseph Cunard [Cunat] S. Tinlin
Left Full Back Herman Yost [Gost?] J. McElerney
Right Half Back Edward Rebold [Heboid?] Dunn
Center Half Back Charles Daniels Northey
Left Half Back David S. Morehammer [Murhamen?] M. Macrory
Outside Right Charles Sneddon J. Scott
Inside Right Robert H. Gaidner [Gardner] J. Collins
Center Thomas C. Cullahan [Callahan?] William Oliver
Inside Left Frank Osbourne S. Welch
Outside Left Patrick McGraw P. Moore

The names in brackets are the corrected spelling if known or a possible alternative spelling that appeared in the Reading Times newspaper on May 19, 1919. The story on the championship highlighted the contributions of men born in Western Pennsylvania and included some different spellings and some additional names not in the starting XI.

photos of soccer
Scenes from the AEF soccer championship. Photo from the Official Athletic Almanac of the American Expeditionary Forces.

Originally posted June 2014.