The Year in American Soccer – 1970

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North American Soccer League (Div. 1)

Midway through the 1969 season, at a meeting in Dallas, Baltimore Bays had informed the league that they would not continue in 1970. Woosnam faced the prospect of another backward step, as a four-team league would have been simply unworkable. With his usual perseverance, Woosnam kept Baltimore’s plans quiet, and went out and persuaded Rochester Lancers and Washington Darts to transfer from the American Soccer League to the NASL; moreover, the two sides had to pay a $10,000 franchise fee for the privilege.

Woosnam’s ruse enabled the league to cheat death once more: with the two new teams, the league grew to six. Budgets were kept low, but the schedule was expanded to 24 games, and playoffs were reinstated.

Another International Cup was put on the schedule, but with a difference: this time it was the league teams against touring foreign clubs, with the games counting in the NASL standings. Coventry City (England), Hertha Berlin (West Germany), and Varzim (Portugal) all played six matches, one each against the NASL clubs. The fourth visitor-Hapoel Petah Tikva of Israel-only played five matches, though, skipping Dallas as Tornado owner Lamar Hunt figured a match against Israelis would not be good for his Arab oil business; Monterrey (Mexico) was the one game substitute. Washington Darts took the International Cup with a 2-2-0 record and 20 points, defeating Varzim and Hapoel Petah Tikva. The Darts went on to compile the league’s best record.

As it turned out, the most important event in the NASL’s season occurred off the pitch. During June, Woosnam met Neshui Ertegun at a cocktail party and struck up a friendship. Ertegun-executive vice president of Atlantic Records, a subsidiary of Warner Communications-was a soccer fanatic, and interested in Woosnam’s efforts to make pro soccer go over in the United States. The new friendship would pay off a substantial dividend by the end of the year.

Defense dominated the league, as demonstrated by Washington, led by goalkeeper-coach Lincoln Phillips-if leading can be exemplified by shouting and scolding his teammates for ninety minutes. With Willie Evans and Chris Dunleavy on the back line and ex-New York General Warren Archibald leading the offense, the Darts pitched 12 shutouts, including four in a row. Phillips recorded an 0.94 goals against average, and the side conceded only 29 goals in 24 games.

With their 14-6-4 record, the Darts were favorites in the playoffs as Southern Division champions. However, the favorites were upset by their fellow ASL alumnus Rochester, barely a .500 club during the regular season. The Lancers won a t home, 3-0, before 9,321 fans, and though they lost the second leg, 3-1, before 5,543 in Washington, they took the crown on total goals. Rochester was led by Carlos “Little Mouse” Metidieri, a 5’4’’star forward with Los Angeles Toros in 1968 and back in the league after a one year hiatus, who was the league MVP and tied for the NASL scoring title with 14 goals and 7 assists. Dallas’ Kirk Apostoldis also had 35 points, with 16 goals and 3 assists. St. Louis Stars’ Jim Leeker was the NASL’s first native-born American Rookie of the Year. Pat McBride became the first native to be named to a post-season all-star berth, making the second team. While St. Louis had carried 19 Yanks on its roster, only two others-Atlanta’s Manley Carter and Kansas City’s Sandy Feher-were in the league.

The NASL All-Stars capped the season by drawing 13,222 to Soldier Field in Chicago to see Pelé and Santos of Brazil beat them, 4-3, on a rebound of a Pelé shot. Dragan Popovic (St. Louis), Art Welch, Warren Archibald and American Pat McBride were among the All-Stars. Some weeks earlier, Santos smoked Washington, 7-4, with Pelé scoring 4 goals. All told, the performances on the field had improved considerably, even if crowds were only up to about 3,600 per game. Rochester led the way at 5,257 per game; St. Louis averaged 3,202 as the locals continued to be lukewarm in their support of their own.

                 Final NASL League Standings, 1970

                           G    W   T   L   GF  GA  PTS    %     Att.   
     	Northern Division
Rochester Lancers          24   9   6   9   41  45  111  .500   4,506
Kansas City Spurs          24   8   6  10   42  44  100  .458   2,398
St.Louis Stars             24   5   2  17   26  71   60  .250   2,745 

     	Southern Division
Washington Darts           24  14   4   6   52  29  137  .666   3,894
Atlanta Chiefs             24  11   5   8   53  33  123  .562   3,002
Dallas Tornado             24   8   4  12   39  39   92  .416   2,228

CHAMPIONSHIP: Rochester defeated Washington 3-0,3-1

After the season, Kansas City folded.

6 points for a win, 3 for a tie, 0 for a loss, and up to three bonus points
for the first three goals.

Leading Scorers                 GP    G    A    TP
Kirk Apostolidis (Dallas)       19   16    3    35
Carlos Metidieri (Rochester)    23   14    7    35
Art Welch (Atlanta)             21   13    8    34
Leroy DeLeon (Washington)       21   15    1    31
Manfred Sessler (Kansas City)   24   11    7    29
Renato Costa (Rochester)        21   10    3    23
Warren Archibald (Washington)   22    8    7    23
Nick Papadakis (Atlanta)        22   10    2    22
Dave Metchick (Atlanta)         20    8    6    22
Bobby Moffat (Dallas)           24    9    3    21
Eli Durante (Kansas City)       22    8    4    20
Pat McBride (St. Louis)         23    9    1    19
Henry Largie (Atlanta)          21    8    2    18
Nana (Washington)               19    5    8    18
Clarival Oliveira (Kansas City) 23    6    4    16
Ademar Saccone (Kansas City)    15    6    3    15
Mike Renshaw (Dallas)           23    6    5    15
Gerry Browne (Washington)       18    6    2    14
Jim Leeker (St. Louis)          22    5    4    14
Tibor Szalay (Kansas City)      24    6    1    13
Jim Lefkos (Rochester)          14    5    2    12
Graham Newton (Atlanta)         15    5   N/A   10
Philip Tinney (Dallas)          23    1    8    10
Tom Bokern (St. Louis)          17    4    0     8
Mickey Ash (Atlanta)            24    4   N/A    8
Asher Welch (Kansas City)       23    3    1     7
John Kerr (Washington)          10    2    3     7
Larry Hausmann (St. Louis)      24    2    3     7

Leading Goalkeepers (1080 mins. needed to qualify)
                              Min   Svs  GA  SO   GAA
Lincoln Phillips (Washington)1935    96  21  12  0.98
Vic Rouse (Atlanta)          1170    52  14   4  1.07
Kenny Cooper (Dallas)        1800    66  29   6  1.45
Manfred Kammerer (Atlanta)   1080    65  19   4  1.58
Leonel Conde (Kansas City)   1890   134  38   7  1.81
Dick Howard (Rochester)      1350    81  27   2  1.80
Joe Right (St. Louis)        1080    85  34   2  2.83

Most Valuable Player:  Carlos Metidieri, Rochester Lancers
Coach of the Year:  (No selection)
Rookie of the Year:  Jim Leeker, St. Louis Stars

NASL 1st All-Star Team:

G - Lincoln Phillips, Washington Darts
D - Charlie Mitchell, Rochester Lancers
D - Uriel daVeiga, Atlanta Apollos
M - Willie Evans, Washington Darts
M - John Best, Dallas Tornado
M - Willie Fraser, Washington Darts
F - Carlos Metidieri, Rochester Lancers
F - Dave Metchick, Atlanta Apollos
F - Art Welch, Atlanta Apollos
F - Leroy DeLeon, Washington Darts
F - Manfred Seissler, Kansas City Spurs

As part of the regular season, several foreign teams toured the US and Canada, playing NASL teams. These games were included in the regular season standings. Below are listed the results of the tours, by Coventry City of England, Hertha Berlin of West germany, Hapoel Petah Tikvah of Israel and Varzim of Portugal. At the end of the season, an exhibition tour by Santos of Brazil (not counting in the standings) resulted in a 4-3 victory by santos over the NASL All-Stars in Chicago on September 15, and a 7-4 win over the Washington Darts three days later (see below, under “international tours” for full results.)

American Soccer League (Div. 2)

With the defection of Washington and Rochester, the ASL was down to six teams, with just two of them left in the New York metropolitan area-Newark Sitch and New York Inter; the other clubs were Philadelphia Spartans, Philadelphia Ukrainians, Syracuse Scorpions, and Boston Astros. By the close of the 1970 season, New York Inter was suspended and Newark withdrew; Syracuse folded; and Philadelphia Ukrainians jumped to the old German American League, but not before winning the 1970 ASL crown. For a time, it looked as if it would be the league’s last. The season was shortened from 16 to 10 games because two teams wanted to enter the US Open Challenge Cup competition. The league considered moving to a fall/spring season to accommodate them, but most of the clubs were already committed to other leagues for that time, so this idea was dropped.

On a more positive note, the Ukrainian Nationals continued their dynasty by winning their 7th league title in ten years. Juan Paletta of the Philadelphia Spartans won the scoring title, with 6 goals in 8 games. Leading goalkeeper Horazio Valdez of the Ukrainian Nationals had four shutouts in nine games, allowing only 10 goals for a 1.11 GAA average. The ASL used NASL referees this year, and reaction to their superior performance was favorable from players and fans alike.

                 Final ASL League Standings, 1970

                           G    W   T   L   GF  GA  PTS
Philadelphia Ukrainians    9    6   1   2   17  10   13
Philadelphia Spartans      8    5   0   3   20  15   10
Boston Astros              8    3   1   4   13  18    7
Syracuse Scorpions         6    2   0   4   10   9    4
Newark Ukrainian Sitch     5    0   2   3    2  10    2

CHAMPION:  Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals.

After the season, Philadelphia Ukrainians and Newark folded.

Leading Scorers:
                                      G   GP
Juan Paletta, Philadelphia Spartans   6    8
Willie Mfum, Ukrainian Nationals      6    9

Leading Goalkeeper:  Horazio Valdez, Ukrainian Nationals - 1.11 GAA, 4 SO
Most Valuable Player:  Albert Trik, Philadelphia Ukrainian
Coach of the Year:  (not available)  

Amateur Leagues & Cups

A major reorganization took place in amateur soccer, due to the rapid growth in amateur participation, and even more so, the growth of youth, high school and college soccer. The Eastern and Western divisions were broken up into smaller regions, among the the East, Midwest, South, Rocky Mountains and West Coast. Along with this, was a refocusing of development strategy to emphasize closer coordination between youth, high school and college organizations and integrating them more closely into the overall national programs. Other major goals were establishment of joint standards for coaching and referring, establishment of junior national teams, and emphasis on developing native born talent, and greater participation in international tournaments.

Anchorage League (Alaska): 49ers
Norcal Soccer League (foundedd 1970): San Francisco Buccaneers (9-0-1-30-8-9)
Pacific International Cup: Vancouver defeated San Jose2-1

American Soccer League of Colorado: Greek-Americans (spring), Internationals (Fall)
Columbine Soccer League:Denver Kickers (fall & spring)
American Soccer League of Atalnta District: Atlanta United (6-4-1-1-19-9-9). (summer 1970): A.S.C. (8-7-0-1-49-5-14
Heart of America Soccer Association (Hawaii): Church College (13-2-2-89-17-28)
New Orleans League: Los Santos

Minnesota Soccer League: Ukrainians Soccer Club (17-15-0-2-77-18-30. Wilson Cup: Minneapolis Kickers
Missouri Amateur Cup: Lindburg SC
St. Louis Soccer League: Lindburg SC
Busch federation Championship: Kutis Mortuary
Khoury league: Pat Kennys
CYC Senior League: Cardinal Glennon

New England Soccer League: Newton SC
Schaeffer Soccer League (New Jersey) Passaic Santa Croce (18-15-2-1-52-17-32)
Italian-American League (NJ): Bayonne Italia – 33 pts
New Jersey State Cup: Union Lancers
German-American Soccer League: Greek Americans (North) (16-11-4-1-36-14-26) defeated German-Hungarians (South) (16-10-3-3-40-20-23) in playoff.
Italian-American League (NY): New York Italians
Rochester League (NY): German-American SC

Baltimore Major League: Kickers (10-0-2-46-10-20)
National Soccer League of Washington DC: British Lions (16-14-1-1-86-10-29)

Ohio-Indiana League: Cincinnati Inter
Lake Erie League: East: Inter-Italians (13-9-2-2-36-20-20). West: American Croatan (13-10-3-0-32-13-20)
Detroit Soccer League: Serbians (14-1-1-44-12-21) (1970 Indoor:) Carpathia Kickers (4-1-1-14-6-9)
Western Michigan Soccer League: Wyoming B-Quick (12-1-1-96-33-25)
National Soccer League of Chicago: Olympic
Wisconsin Major League: Schlitz-Polonia (14-2-3-59-17-31)

Oklahoma State Cup: Fort Hill Soccer Club
Oregon State Cup: Germania (also won Cameron and bennett Cups.)
Portland Soccer League: Germania

United Soccer League of Philadelphia: V.E. (14-11-3-0-38-13-22)
Delaware Valley Soccer League: Briggs (14-14-0-0-55-10-28)
Central Pennsylvania Soccer League: Schaeffertown (12-0-2-26)
West Penn Cup: Monongahela defeated Heidelberg 0-1, 3-1, 404
Keystone League: Heidelberg (12-1-1-25-6-19)

Dallas Soccer League (founded 1918): German-American
Utah State Cup: Sport Club United
Washington State Cup: Leif Erikson
Northwest Championship: Leif Erickson defeated Germania (Portland)
Seattle Soccer League: Leif Erickson Vikings

The US National Team

There were no full internationals in 1970. The team remained inactive, but the National program would regroup in 1971 to prepare for Olympic qualifications.

International Tours

Coventry City, England: May 3, 1970 – May 26, 1970. Results: 5 wins, 0 draws, 1 loss.

   5/3/70 Coventry City (England)      1 at St. Louis Stars (NASL)       2
   5/5/70 Coventry City (England)      3 at Kansas City Spurs (NASL)     1
   5/8/70 Coventry City (England)      3 at Dallas Tornado (NASL)        1
  5/12/70 Coventry City (England)      2 at Atlanta Chiefs (NASL)        1
  5/15/70 Coventry City (England)      1 vs Hertha Berlin                0 (at Chicago)
  5/17/70 Coventry City (England)      0 vs Hertha Berlin                2 (at Detroit)
  5/22/70 Coventry City (England)      4 at Washington Darts (NASL)      2
  5/26/70 Coventry City (England)      2 at Rochester Lancers (NASL)     1

Manchester United, England: May 6, 1970 – May 17, 1970. Results: 2 wins, 0 draws, 1 loss.

   5/6/70 Manchester United (England)  2 vs Bari, Italy                  1 (at New York)
  5/13/70 Manchester United (England)  2 vs Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany 1 (at San Francisco)
  5/17/70 Manchester United (England)  2 vs Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany 3 (at Los Angeles)

A. C. Milan, Italy: June 3, 1970 – June 19, 1970. Results: 0 wins, 0 draws, 4 losses.

   6/3/70 A. C. Milan (Italy)          2 vs Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)5 (at Chicago)
   6/5/70 A. C. Milan (Italy)          0 vs Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)1 (at New York)
  6/17/70 A. C. Milan (Italy)          0 vs Santos (Brazil)              1 (at Boston)
  6/19/70 A. C. Milan (Italy)          0 vs Racing Club (Argentina)      1 (at New York)

Hertha Berlin, West Germany: May 8, 1970 – May 31, 1970. Results: 5 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses.

   5/8/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      2 at Washington Darts (NASL)      0
  5/12/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      3 at Rochester Lancers (NASL)     1
  5/15/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      0 vs Coventry City (England)      1 (at Chicago)
  5/17/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      2 vs Coventry City                0 (at Detroit)
  5/20/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      4 at St. Louis Stars (NASL)       2
  5/22/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      2 vs Guadelajara (Mexico)         0 (at San Francisco)
  5/24/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      2 vs Guadelajara (Mexico)         1 (at Los Angeles)
  5/27/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      4 at Dallas Tornado (NASL)        2
  5/29/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      2 at Kansas City Spurs (NASL)     1
  5/31/70 Hertha Berlin (Germany)      2 at Atlanta Chiefs (NASL)        2

Glasgow Celtic, Scotland: May 13, 1970 – May 22, 1970. Results: 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss.

 5/13/70 Glasgow Celtic (Scotland)     1 vs Bari (Italy)                 1 (at New York)
 5/20/70 Glasgow Celtic (Scotland)     7 vs New England All-Stars        1 (at Boston)
 5/22/70 Glasgow Celtic (Scotland)     1 vs Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)2 (at new York)

Hapoel Petah Tikvah, Israel: June 25, 1970 – July 12, 1970. Results: 0 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses.

  6/25/70 Hapoel Petah Tikvah (Israel) 0 at Atlanta Chiefs (NASL)        1
  6/28/70 Hapoel Petah Tikvah (Israel) 0 at Washington Darts  (NASL)     5
  6/30/70 Hapoel Petah Tikvah (Israel) 1 at St. Louis Stars (NASL)       2
   7/2/70 Hapoel Petah Tikvah (Israel) 0 at Kansas City Spurs (NASL)     2
   7/4/70 Hapoel Petah Tikvah (Israel) 0 vs Olympics                     1 (at Chicago)
  7/10/70 Hapoel Petah Tikvah (Israel) 1 vs K. S. Ruch (Poland)          4 (at Detroit)
  7/12/70 Hapoel Petah Tikvah (Israel) 0 at Rochester Lancers (NASL)     0

Santos, Brazil: June 12, 1970 – June 17, 1970. Results: 3 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses.

  6/12/70 Santos (Brazil)              8 vs Boston Astros (ASL)          1 (at Boston)
  6/16/70 Santos (Brazil)              7 vs Boston Astros (ASL)          3 (at Pawtucket)
  6/17/70 Santos (Brazil)              1 vs A. C. Milan (Italy)          0 (at Boston)

Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany: May 13, 1970 – May 24, 1970. Results: 4 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses.

   6/3/70 Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) 5 vs A. C. Milan (Italy)         2 (at Chicago)
   6/5/70 Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) 1 vs A. C. Milan (Italy)         0 (at New York)
  5/13/70 Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) 1 vs Manchester United (England) 2 (at New York)
  5/17/70 Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) 3 vs Manchester United (England) 2 (at Los Angeles)
  5/20/70 Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) 1 vs Bari (Italy)                1 (at Chicago)
  5/22/70 Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) 3 vs Glasgow Celtic (Scotland)   1 (at New York)
  5/24/70 Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) 0 vs Bari (Italy)                1 (at Philadelphia)

Varzim, Portugal: July 16, 1970 – July 29, 1970. Results: 2 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses.

  6/24/70 Varzim (Portugal)            3 vs. K. S. Ruch (Poland)         6 (at Chicago)
   7/5/70 Varzim (Portugal)            5 vs New Bedford Portuguese       0 (at New Bedford)
   7/6/70 Varzim (Portugal)            2 vs Boston Astros (ASL)          0 (at Boston)
  7/16/70 Varzim (Portugal)            2 at Atlanta Chiefs (NASL)        1
  7/19/70 Varzim (Portugal)            1 at Washington Darts (NASL)      3
  7/21/70 Varzim (Portugal)            0 at Dallas Tornado (NASL)        1
  7/23/70 Varzim (Portugal)            2 at St. Louis Stars (NASL)       1
  7/26/70 Varzim (Portugal)            0 at Kansas City Spurs (NASL)     0
  7/29/70 Varzim (Portugal)            2 at Rochester Lancers (NASL)     3

Monterrey, Mexico: August 4, 1970. Results: 0 wins, 0 draws, 1 loss.

   8/4/70 Monterrey (Mexico)           2 at Dallas Tornado (NASL)        5

K. S. Ruch, Poland: June 24, 1970 – July 8, 1970. Results: 5 wins, 0 draws, 1 loss.

  6/24/70 K. S. Ruch (Poland)          6 vs Varzim (Portugal)            3 (at Chicago)
  6/27/70 K. S. Ruch (Poland)          4 vs Wisconsin All-Stars          1 (at Milwaukee)
  6/28/70 K. S. Ruch (Poland)          2 vs Cruz Azul (Mexico)           1 (at Chicago)
   7/2/70 K. S. Ruch (Poland)          0 vs Cruz Azul (Mexico)           3 (at Cleveland)
   7/5/70 K. S. Ruch (Poland)          7 vs New York All-Stars           1 (at New York)
   7/8/70 K. S. Ruch (Poland)          8 vs Newark Ukrainians            0 (at Newark)

03 Lunenburg, Germany: June 26 1970 – July 19 1970. Results: 2 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses.

  6/26/70 03 Lunenburg (Germany)       6 vs Alemania S.L.C.              2 (at Salt Lake City)
   7/1/70 03 Lunenburg (Germany)       0 vs Denver Kickers               2
   7/4/70 03 Lunenburg (Germany)       4 at Dayton Edelweis              1
   7/8/70 03 Lunenburg (Germany)       0 at Milwaukee Bavarians          1
  7/11/70 03 Lunenburg (Germany)       3 at Cleveland Donauschwaben      4
  7/15/70 03 Lunenburg (Germany)       0 vs Hansa Fortuna Combine        1 (at Chicago)
  7/19/70 03 Lunenburg (Germany)       3 vs German-Hungarians            3 (at Philadelphia)

Tennis Borussia, Germany: June 27 1970 – July 21 1970. Results: 4 wins, 1 draws, 3 losses.

  6/18/70 Tennis Borussia (Germany)    1 at Deutschungarn (New York)     1
  6/21/70 Tennis Borussia (Germany)    3 at Donauschwaben (Philadelphia) 1
  6/24/70 Tennis Borussia (Germany)    1 at Schwaben (Chicago)           2
  6/27/70 Tennis Borussia (Germany)    1 at Denver Kickers               2
  6/28/70 Tennis Borussia (Germany)    6 vs Denver All-Stars             0 (at Denver)
  6/28/70 Tennis Borussia (Germany)    4 at Littleton, CO                0
  7/11/70 Tennis Borussia (Germany)    5 vs S. C. United                 3 (at Salt Lake City)
  7/21/70 Tennis Borussia (Germany)    4 vs D.S.C. Brooklyn              5 (at New York)

Karlsruhe, Germany: Results: 5 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses.

          Karlsruhe (Germany)          3 at Ft. Wayne (IN) S. C.         0
          Karlsruhe (Germany)          3 at Madison (WI) S. C.           0
          Karlsruhe (Germany)          1 at Milwaukee Brewers            1
          Karlsruhe (Germany)          2 at Edelweis Dayton (OH)         1
          Karlsruhe (Germany)          2 vs. German-Hungarians           1 (at Philadelphia)
          Karlsruhe (Germany)          3 vs. St. Joseph's S. C.          1

TSV Ronsdorf-Wuppertal (Germany): 5/24/70 – 6/10/70: 1 win, 2 draws, 1 loss

1911 Traisa Darmstadt (Germany): 5/28/70 – 6/14/70. Results: 3 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses

T.B. Heilbronn (Germany): 6/18/70 – 7/6/70. Results: 3 win, 2 draws, 2 losses.

The College Game

The growth of NCAA soccer continued in 1970 with the establishment of the New Jersey State Conference, Presidents Athletic Conference, Michigan Intercollegiate Conference, and the Minnesota Intercollegiate Conference, but also saw the demise of the Ohio State Conference. The National Soccer Coaches of America (NSCAA) changed their method of All-American selections, eliminating the 11 position system in favor of assigning players to Goal, Back and Forward positions. Although this simplified the system considerably, it gave short shrift to the Midfielder position, relegating the midfielders together with the defenders. Al Trust won his second consecutive Hermann Trophy as player of the year, and would go on to become the first college graduate to have a significant impact in the North American Soccer League.

In the NCAA Tournament, the third round action saw Hartwick defeat Harvard 4-3, St. Louis defeated SIU/Edwardsville 2-1, UCLA defeated Denver 2-1, and Howard defeated Philadelphia Textile 1-0. In the semifinals, St. Louis defeated Hartwick 1-0, and UCLA defeated Howard 4-3. The championship game was played in Edwardsville, IL on December 5, 1970, and saw St. Louis defeat UCLA 1-0 to retain the national title.

Conference Champions:

West Coast Intercollegiate Soccer Conference:  San Jose State
New England Intercollegiate Soccer League: Harvard
Icy League: Harvard
Metropolitan Intercollegiate Soccer Conference: Adelphi
Atlantic Coast Conference: Virginia
Mid-American Conference: Ohio University
New York State Athletic Conference: Brockport, Buffalo
Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate League: Denver
Ohio Collegiate Soccer Association: Cleveland State
Suthern Conference: Davidson
Mason-Dixon Conference: Baltimore
Yankee Conference: Massachusetts
Virginia Intercollegiate Soccer Conference: Virginia
Far Western Conference: Chico State
New Jersey State Conference: Trenton State
President's Athletic Conference: Bethany
Independent College Athletic Conference: Rennsalaer
Michigan Intercollegiate Conference: Hope
Minnesota Intercollegiate Conference: Gustavus Adolphus
Southern California Soccer Association: UCLA
Middle Atlantic States Athletic Conference: West Chester

College All-Americans:
G - William Nuttal, Davis & Elkins
B - Art Deming, Michigan State
B - Alan Harte, Quincy
B - Nick Iwanik, Illinois-Chicago
B - Gerardo Pagnani, Eastern Illinois
B - Aladin Rodrigues, San Jose State
F - Alvin Henderson, Howard
F - Richard Parkinson, Akron
F - Randy Smith, Buffalo State
F - Stanley Startzell, Pennsylvania
F - At Trost, St. Louis

Hermann Trophy: Al Trost, St. Louis University

NAIA Championship:  Davis & Elkins 2, Quincy 0
NJCAA Championship:  Florissant Valley Community College 2, Lorain College 1

Other Action

1970 US National Challenge Open Cup Final: S. C. Elizabeth of the German-American Soccer League took their first Open Cup by defeating Los Angeles Croatia 2-1 on May 3.

1970 National Amateur Cup Final: Chicago Kickers defeated Philadelphia United German Hungarians in a high scoring 6-5 game on June 7, 1970.

National Junior Cup: St. Barts, St. Louis

CONCACAF Champions Cup: New York Greek-Americans participated but did not advance beyond the first round. Cruz Azul, Deportivo Saprissa and Transvaal; Cruz Azul declared winners after Deportivo Saprissa and Transvaal withdrew.

CONCACAF U-20 Championship: The U. S. did not participate. Cup won by Mexico.

National Soccer Hall of Fame: In 1970, Dan Fowler, and Jack Maher were inducted into the Hall of Fame.