National Junior Cups

The National Junior Challenge Cup was established in 1935, and renamed the James P. McGuire Cup approx. 1973. Currently it is the USYSA’s National challenge competition for U-19 Boys. In 1980, the H. Ross Stewart Cup, for U-19 girls, was established. There are other more recently added cups for both boys and girls for age groups U-16 through U-18, and can be found at Soccertimes Youth Soccer page, and at US Youth Soccer (

McGuire Cup (U-19 Boys) | H. Ross Stewart Cup (U-19 Girls)


(renamed the James P. McGuire Cup, approx. 1973)

1935  Reliable Stores F.C., New Bedford, Mass.
1936  Hatikvoh F.C., Brooklyn
1937  Hatikvoh F.C., Brooklyn
1938  Lighthouse Boys Club, Philadelphia
1939  Avella (Pa.) F.C.
1940  Avella (Pa.) F.C.
1941  Mercerville S.C., Trenton, N.J.
1942-44  No competition
1945  *Pompei S.C., Baltimore and Hornets S.C., Chicago (co-champions)
1946  Schumacher S.C., St. Louis
1947  Heidelberg (Pa.) S.C.
1948  Lighthouse Boys Club, Philadelphia
1949  Lighthouse Boys Club, Philadelphia
1950  Harrison (N.J.) Boys Club
1951  Seco Boys Club, St. Louis
1952  Killsman S.C., Brooklyn and Lions S.C., Chicago (co-champions) 
1953  Newark S.C. and Hansa, Chicago (co-champions)
1954  Hansa, Chicago 
1955  Blauweiss Gottschee S.C., Brooklyn and Schwaben, Chicago (co-champions)
1956  St. Engelbert, St. Louis
1957  Lighthouse Boys Club, Philadelphia
1958  St. Paul S.C., St. Louis
1959  New York Ukrainian
1960  St. Paul S.C., St. Louis
1961  Hakoah, San Francisco
1962  Schumachers, St. Louis
1963  St. Louis Kutis
1964  St. Louis Kutis
1965  I.M. Heart of Mary, St. Louis
1966  St. William, St. Louis
1967  Lighthouse Boys Club, Philadelphia
1968  St. Phillip Neri, St. Louis
1969  St. Phillip Neri, St. Louis
1970  St. Barts, St. Louis
1971  Seco, St. Louis
1972  Seco, St. Louis
1973  St. Elizabeth S.C., Baltimore
1974  Florissant Celtics, St. Louis
1975  Imo’s Pizza, St. Louis
1976  Annandale (Va) Boys Club Cavalier
1977  Santa Clara (CA) Broncos
1978  Imo’s Pizza, St. Louis
1979  Imo’s Pizza, St. Louis
1980  Fremont (CA) Celtics
1981  Scott Gallagher, St. Louis
1982  Annandale (VA) Boys Club
1983  Montgomery (MD) United
1984  Scott Gallagher, St. Louis
1985  Columbia (MD) Jays
1986  Fram-Culver (CA)
1987  Union (NJ) Lancers
1988  Union (NJ) Lancers “69”
1989  LaJolla (CA) Nomads
1990  Spartan Ramdolph Blackhawks, St. Paul, MN
1991  North Huntington beach (CA) Black
1992  VISTA Hurricane, Alexandria, VA
1993  MVLASC Shooting Stars (CA)
1994  Baltimore (MD) Spirit
1995  Countryside Lightning, Tampa, FL
1996  Scott Gallagher, St. Louis
1997  Clearwater (FL) Chargers
1998  Cisco Flames, Phoenix
1999  La Jolla (CA) Nomads
2000  FC Delco Dynamite
2001  FC Delco Black, West Chester, PA
2002  Houston Texans
2003  FC Delco Arsenal (Eastern PA)
2004  HSC Bulls ’85 (Hawaii)
2005  Sockers SC (IL)
2006  Javanon (KY)
2007  Dallas Texans 88 Red
2008  Solar ’90 (Dallas)
2009  Casa Mia Bays
2010  Crew Juniors

H. Ross Stewart Cup (National Junior Girl’s U-19 Challenge Cup)

1980  Sting, Dallas
1981  D’feeters Green, Dallas
1982  Sting, Dallas
1983  Saratoga (CA) Spirits
1984  Braddock Road Blue Bells, Fairfax, VA
1985  Sting, Dallas
1986  Massapequa (NY) Falcons
1987  Sting, Dallas
1988  Sting, Dallas
1989  Livonia (MI) Hawks
1990  Springfield (VA) Spirit
1991  J.B. Marine SC (MO)
1992  Texas Longhorns, Dallas
1993  Hammer FC, Cincinnati
1994  Greater Boston Bolts (MA)
1995  Town N’ Country Heather (FL)
1996  North Huntington Beach (CA) FC
1997  Ridgefield (CT) Yankee United Nova
1998  West Coast Shamrocks, Mission Viego, CA
1999  Cardinal Premier, Cincinnati
2000  Colorado Rush, Lakewood, CO
2001  Colorado Rush, Lakewood, CO
2002  San Diego Surf
2003  Peachtree City Lazers (GA)
2004  Pleasanton Rage (CA-North)
2005  Stars of Massachusetts
2006  Colorado Rush Nike (CO)
2007  Carmel United Cyclones (IN)
2008  Force FC (Bloomfield, MI)
2009  Colorado Rush
2010  Lonestars 91 Red