The Year in American Soccer – 1960

The American Soccer League

Entering the new decade, the American Soccer League did not have any real long-range plans or goals. New clubs came, old clubs went, and the league was comfortable in its continuing status as the country’s only sanctioned professional league. In 1959-60 a new club, Colombo of Staten Island, New York, came out of nowhere to win the league title-not that anyone noticed; in keeping with the now-transient nature of the ASL, Colombo withdrew after the season. But while they played, they had a stellar lineup, headed by Jackie Hynes, the player-coach, who did double duty as Wagner College coach, Joe Corbo (German veteran), John Comazo (from Italy), Peter Togios, Mario Zelashi, and Argentinian Luiz Sansone.The league even retired the Lewis Cup without much fanfare, although it made a one-year comeback in 1962. Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals won the National Open Challenge Cup, upsetting defending champions Los Angeles Kickers on May 29 in an exciting, two-overtime game; Philadelphia’s Mike Noha scored all five goals in the Ukes’ 5-3 victory. Apparently, even the league itself valued the Cup over its own championship, as the Ukes’ swept the post-season awards: Andy Racz of the Philadelphia Ukrainians won the MVP award, and Walter Medusha won Coach of the Year. In the summer, however, the ASL would face its first major competitor. This season, George Andrade, the “mighty mite” from Argentina, held the ASL record for most goals scored in a game, six.

              Final League Standings, 1959-1960

Before the season, Colombo was added.  Elizabeth Falcons 
became Falcons SC.

Colombo                      18   15   1   2   70  25   31
Ukrainian Nationals          16   12   2   2   49  21   26
New York Hakoah              16    7   4   5   31  22   18
Brooklyn Italians            15    7   1   7   30  25   15
Baltimore Pompeii            13    6   1   6   34  27   13
Fall River SC                13    5   3   5   26  27   13
Galicia SC                   16    4   5   7   32  40   13
Newark Portuguese            16    5   2   9   24  39   12
Falcons SC                   16    3   3  10   25  52    9
Uhrik Truckers               17    2   2  13   26  69    6

CHAMPION:  Colombo

After the season, Colombo withdrew.

Leading Scorers (Through March 20, 1960)

M. Noga, Ukrainian Nationals   16
Ch. Bustamante, Colombo        14
A. Bonezzi, Colombo            12
M. Zelaschi, Colombo            9
William Silva, Fall River       9
M. Dellatorre, Brooklyn Ital.   8
Swinsky, Baltimore Pompeii      8
P. Peppe, Newark Portuguese     7
R. Sneddon, Newark Portuguese   7

M. Noga was the ultimate goal scoring leader for the entire season. 

Most Valuable Player:  Andy Racz, Ukrainian Nationals
Coach of the Year:  Walter Medusha, Ukrainian Nationals

The International Soccer League

William B. Cox, a graduate of Yale who had made quite a bit of money in timber and mining, was not very successful when it came to sports. In fact, he lost quite a bit of money, investing in such dismal properties as the hapless New York football Yankees of the early 1940s, Brooklyn’s short-lived football Dodgers, and the inept Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, which finished seventh the year he owned it. Notwithstanding this dubious track record, something convinced Cox that, if marketed properly, soccer could become as popular in the United States as in the rest of the world. With this idea in mind, Cox formed the International Soccer League in 1960.

The ISL was not really a league, per se. A summer tournament, the ISL brought several famous teams into the United States to play in New York. About 150,000 fans paid to see the initial tournament, which was a 30 game schedule played in New York and Jersey City, New Jersey. Play was divided into halves, with six teams playing in Section I (the first half), and six different teams playing in Section II (the second half). The United States was represented by a new club of selected players called the New York Americans (no relation to the ASL club of the same name), who finished 1-2-2 in Section I. The initial ISL Final found Bangu of Brazil (Section II winners) edging Section I champions Kilmarnock of Scotland, 2-0, on August 6 before 25,440 at the Polo Grounds. While, somewhat predictably, the tournament lost money, Cox was encouraged by the support for his venture, and continued staging it.

It was a rather pointed indictment that Cox did not consider any ASL club capable of competing in the ISL; as it is, the quality of play had dropped since the mid 1950s, as the league became even more ethnic. In the face of the ISL’s competition, the ASL and GAL finally merged for a brief time, running independent schedules throughout the experiment.

              Final League Standings, 1960

                                  GP   W   T   L  GF  GA  Pts
	Section I
Kilmarnock (Scotland)              5   4   1   0  11   3   1
Burnley (England)                  5   3   1   1  16   7   1
Olympic Gymnaste Club Nice (France)5   1   3   1   7  10   3
New York Americans (USA)           5   1   2   2   8  13   2
Bayern Munich (West Germany)       5   1   1   3   7  10   1
Glenavon (N. Ireland)              5   1   0   4   8  13   2

	Section II
Bangu (Brazil)                     5   4   1   0  14   3   9
Red Star Belgrade (Yugoslavia)     5   3   1   3  13   5   7
Sampdoria (Italy)                  5   2   1   2  11  13   5
Sporting Club Lisbon (Portugal)    4   2   0   2   7  12   4
Norrkoping (Sweden)                5   1   1   3  10  15   3
Rapid Vienna (Austria)             4   0   0   4   7  14   0

CHAMPIONSHIP:  Bangu defeated Kilmarnock, 2-0.

Top Scorers:

Tudor Veselinovic, Red Star    6
Luis Carlos Macedo, Bangu      5
Silvaze Maria, Bangu           5
Pilkington, Burnley            5
Vinyei, New York Americans     4
Fernando Puglia, Sporting      4
Torbjorn Johnsson, Norrkoping  4
Sergio Brighenti, Sampdoria    4

Eisenhower Trophy (MVP):  Admir DaGuia, Bangu

Exhibition Matches:

6/1/60   Nice 1, Montreal 1
6/6/60   Red Star 1, Concordia 0 (at Montreal)
6/8/60   Burnley 1, Montreal 2 (at Montreal)
6/9/60   Burnley 1, Hearts of Scotland 2 (at Toronto)
6/16/60  Kilmarnock 4, Montreal 1
6/17/60  Red Star 2, Bangu (Brazil) 5 (at Hartford)
6/  /60  Kilmarnock 7, Youngstown, Ohio 2
7/11/60  Sampdoria 11, Italian All-Stars  1 (at Toronto)
7/16/60  Rapid 8, All-Stars 2 (at Chicago)
7/17/60  Rapid 13, All-Stars 5 (at Cleveland)
7/17/60  Bangu 5, Red Star (Austria) 2 (at Hartford)
7/20/60  Rapid 12, All-Stars 2 (at Windsor, ON)
7/20/60  Sampdoria 3, Cantalia  3 (at Montreal)
7/24/60  Sporting Club 3, Fall River 2 (at Fall River)
7/28/60  Bangu 2, Montreal 0 (at Montreal) 
7/29/60  Sampdoria 4, Colombo  2 (at Philadelphia) 

German-American Soccer League

This was an unusually competitive season in the GASL, with the championship in all three divisions not being decided until the last game. New York Hungarian took the league title with 28 points, with German-Hungarians second at 27 and Gottschee a game behind with 26. Sadly for Swiss FC and SC New York, poor performances meant relegation for these venerable clubs. The All-Star team conducted a successful series of matches against the other leagues while training for foreign tours. They boasted victories against all-star sides of the New Jersey State Association, Connecticut State Association and Long Island league, and even more surpsingly, against the American Soccer League’s best. This ultimnately led to the showdown in the league’s sponsored tour by 1860 Munich and Manchester United, and put up good fights before losing 3-2 and 2-1 respectively. Plans called for another visit by a German team and at least four foreign tours by club teams during the year.

More importantly, a successful reorganization of the regional association brought several municipal leagues under one roof and ended an attenuated low-level jurisdictional war. The renamed Southern New York State Soccer Association now boasted the GASL, Long Island league, Eastern District League, Central New York League and the new Italian-American League under one roof. This left only the National Soccer League of New York, the Empire District Junior League and Metropolitan League on the outside. In 1960, the Metropolitan League disbanded with six of its seven teams joining the Eastern district league and the 7th joining the ASL.

          Final GASL League Major Division Standings, 1960:

                         GP   W   L   T   Pts
New York Hungarians      18  12   2   4   28
German-Hungarians        18  12   3   3   27
Gottschee                18  11   3   4   26
Brooklyn                 18  11   7   0   22
Newark                   18   7   7   4   18
Eintracht                18   7   9   2   16
Giuliana                 18   7   9   2   16
Elizabeth                18   6  10   2   14
New York                 18   4  11   3   11
Swiss                    18   1  16   1    3

New York and Swiss were relegated.

National Soccer League of Chicago

The NSL saw Schwaben win their fifth consecutive title with an impressive 13-1 record. Chicago Kickers won the 2nd division. Altogether, 64 teams participated among the various divisions. There was no indoor season in 1960.

                       Major Division NSL final standings, 1959-60

                    GP   W   L   T   Pts
Schwaben            14  13   1   0   26
Eagles              14   7   5   2   16
Lions               14   5   5   4   14
Slovaks             14   6   6   2   14
Fortuna             14   5   6   3   13
Green-Whites        14   4   6   4   12
Hansa               14   4   6   4   12
Vikings             14   1  11   2    4

Hansa and Vikings were demoted.

Greater Los Angeles Soccer League

St. Stephens won their first league championship in an exciting seasonal race, narrowly defeating the ever-powerful Los Angeles Kickers, winners of the 1958 US Open Cup. the race was nip and tuck all the way, with Maygar and Hollywood SC joining in a four-way struggle. Perhaps the most exciting match was a key come-from-behind victory of St. Stephens over the Kickers. With twenty minutes remaining, the Kickers held a 20 minute lead, but St. Stephens rallied to score five unanswered goals. This was the real turning point of the season, and at the final week, St. Stephens secured the league title. Vikings, coming in last were relegated, but won the Sportsmanship Trophy as a well earned consolation. Armenians, also facing possible relegation, defeated Germania, 2nd division runner-up, 5-1 and 2-0 to keep their place.

In the All-Latin California League, Tepatitlan won the Steelink Cup, and then went on to capture the championship of the Major Division regular season, for the 2nd consecutive year.

                       Major Division GLASL final standings, 1959-60

                    GP   W   L   T   Pts
St. Stephens        16  12   2   2   26
Los Angeles Kickers 16  11   3   2   24
Maygar A.C.         16  11   4   1   23
Hollywood Soccer C. 16   7   3   6   20
Polonia A.C.        16   7   8   1   15
Los Angeles Scots   16   3   7   6   12
Victoria A.C.       16   5   9   2   12
Armenians           16   3   9   4   12
Vikings             16   0  14   2    3

Amateur Leagues

California State Assoc. Senior Challenge Cup: Los Angeles Kickers
All-Latin California League: Tepatitlan won the Steelink Cup, and the Major Division (6-0-2-14). Boganovitch trophy: Jadran of San Pedo. Kozma Cupp: Danubia beat Jadran 3-2.
Los Angeles Olympic League: Italian Catholic Federation (10-0-0-20)
California Junior Cup: St. Stephens Juniors defeated San Francisco Mercuries 1-0 San Francisco Soccer Football League: San Francisco Scots

Pen-Del-Mar League (unlimited Div.): St. Gerard (winner of playoff, 14-1-1-29)
Stewart Cup (Pen-Del-Mar): Maggie
Washington DC National League: Washington Sports (1st half champ 14-1-1-26) def. Maggie (2nd half champ, 11-4-0-22)
Rowland Cup-State Open Championship (Pen-Del-Mar): St. Gerard’s
Baltimore Unlimited League: Unberto Nobile (6-0-1-13)
Baltimore Club League: Elmo Walters (5-1-0-10)
Boston & District League: Boston Italia (10-0-2-22). Thomas Grieve Cup: Boston Italia defeated German Americans
Interstate League (So. New England): Orioles (12-0-1-25)
Greater New Bedford League: Portuguese Sports (13-1-0-26)
Peel Cup (Illinois State): Chicago Kickers vs. Liths.
Hines Trophy (Chicago): Hansa
Michigan League: Grand Rapids be Quick Sports Guild Cup: (not completed) Western Michigan League: Grand Rapids Comets; Bud Pocze Trophy: Grand Rapids Comets defeated Cattle Creek Carling
New York Northwest Inter-city League: Rochester Italian-Americans
Long Island League : Glen Cove
NY State Federation Cup: American Czechoslovakian S.C. (GASL)
NY State Knickerbocker Cup: Azzuri Pozzallesi (Italian-American League)
New Jersey State Cup: Newark
Italian-American League (NYC): Palermo-Roma F.C. (19-1-1)
Long Island League (NY): Glen Cove; Jose Cup: Rockville Center; Edwards Cup: Rockville Center
Utah State Association League: Salt Lake A. C.; Alemania Cup: Alemania defeated Salt Lake 5-3.
Washington State Senior League: Cup: Seattle Kickers. Puget Sound Navigation Trophy: Loyal Realty Vikings. Playoffs: Seattle Real Estators. Northwest Championship: Real Stators defeated Portland Germania 4-3.
Wisconsin Challenge Cup: Bavarian Soccer Club
Wisconsin League: Bavarian Soccer Club (blue champ) defeated Milwaukee Serbian (white champ) for Major Division title.

The US National Team

The national team had a quiet year. The only full internationals were two World Cup Qualifiers, a 3-0 loss to Mexico on November 13, 1960 at Mexico City, and a 3-3 draw against Mexico at Los Angeles, with goals scored by Bicek, Zerhufsen and Fister. As a result, the US failed to qualify for the World Cup in Chile, another disappointment, following their failure the previous year to qualify for the 1960 Rome Olympics. Ultimately, Brazil would beat Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final. Many of the players had played in the 1959 Pan-American games, including Murphy, Alex Ely, Snylyk, Speca, Traina and Al Zerhusen. Others included New Englander Henry Noga, Kenneth Finn of New York and Helmut Bicek from California. The first game started pot with Mexico on a roll, pulling to a 3-0 lead before the US scored on a penalty kick late in the second half. In the second half, Mexico became overconfident, and the US took advantage, with goals coming from Carl Fistera, then Al Zerhusen tying the match with five minutes to spare. In the follow-up, the US was in poor form. The players had returned to other commitments during the week, and were not in shape for this game. Mexico dominated throiughout in front of the home crowd, and the US went to a 3-0 defeat and yet another elimination.

U. S. Open Cup

Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals defeated Los Angeles Kickers, 5-3, in a dramatic final at Edison Field in Philadelphia on May 29, bringing the cup back to the ASL for the first time in six years.

Mike Noha scored all five goals for the Uke Nats in a game that was tied, 3-3, at the end of regulation time, before the home team pulled away in overtime. Al Zerhusen, Werner Staake and Eberhard Herz had the Los Angeles goals.

In the semifinals, the Ukrainian Nationals had defeated the team that eliminated them at the same stage a year before, Fall River SC. After a 1-1 tie in the first leg on May 1, the Uke Nats took the return, 2-0. Los Angeles Kickers beat Kutis of St. Louis, which was in the midst of its run of six straight National Amateur Cup titles, 3-2 in the other semifinal. The quarterfinals were Ukrainian Nationals 2, Baltimore Pompei 1; Fall River 1, New York Hungaria 0; Los Angeles Kickers 8, San Francisco Scots 0, and Kutis 4, Chicago Schwaben 3.

                  USA National team results

    1960 Totals:  0W,  1D,  1L
Nov 13 60  L 0-3  Mexico                     Mexico City, Mexico (WCQ'62)
Nov 06 60  D 3-3  Mexico              8,000  Los Angeles, CA, USA (WCQ'62)
               Bicek, Zerfusen, Fister

Interational Tours

1860 Munchen (West Germany), May 1 1960 – May 18, 1960 Results: 5 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses

Roster: Hans Auerhammer, Gerhard Bechtold, Manfred Fallisch, Ekkehard Feigenspan, Alfred Heiss, Horst-Dieter Hoffman, George Koebler, Rudolf Koebl, Peter Lihl, Sebastian Metzger, Martin Pfanselt, Wolfgang Simon, Alfons Stemmer, Manfred Wagner, Ludwig Zausinger, Adalbert Wetzel. Manager: Paul Schwertner, Coach: Hans Hipp.

5/1/60  Muenchen 3, German-American League stars 2 (At New York City)
5/4/60  Muenchen 1, Westminster Royals of B.C. 1 (At San Francisco)
5/6/60  Muenchen 8, All-Stars 1 (At Los Angeles)
5/8/60  Muenchen 4, All-Stars 1 (At Chicago)
5/15/00 Muenchen 3, American League Stars 2 (At New York City)
5/18/60 Muenchen 4, Manchester United 2 (At new York City)

Manchester United (England), May 14, 1960 – June 12, 1960 Results: 7 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses

Roster: Seamus Brennan, Joe Carolan, Bobby Charlton, Ronald Cope, Alex dawson, William Foulkes, Davis Gaskell, John Giles, Harry Gregg, Frank Haydock, Thomas Heron, Norbet Lawton, Mark Pearson, Albert Quixall, Albert Scanlon, Maurice Setters, Denis Violett. Manager: Matt Busby. Trainer: John Compton

5/14/60  Manchester United 2, Hearts 2 (at Toronto)
5/15/60  Manchester United 2, German-American League Stars 1 (at New York City)
5/18/60  Manchester United 2, 1960 Munich 4 (at New York City)
5/22/60  Manchester United 3, Hearts 0 (at New York City)
5/25/60  Manchester United 4, CYO Stars 0 (at St. Louis)
5/28/60  Manchester United 3, Hearts 2 (at Vancouver)
6/1/60   Manchester United 0, Hearts 3 (at Los Angeles)
6/5/60   Manchester United 4, All-Stars 2 (at San Francisco)
6/8/60   Manchester United 7, Fall River 0 (at Fall River, MA)
6/12/60  Manchester United 10, Ukrainian Nationals (at Philcadelphia)

Austria, December 13, 1959 – February 14, 1960. Results: 0 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss

12/13/59 Austria 1, American League Stars 4 (at New York City)
2/13/60  Austria 2, Ukrainian Nationals 2 (at Philadelphia)
2/14/60  Austria 3, Colombo 3 (at New York City)

Hearts of Mid Lothian, Scotland, May 14, 1960 – June 9, 1960. Results: 5 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses

Roster:: Willie Bauld, Bobby Blackwood, Andy Bowman, Ian Crawford, Danny Ferguson, Allan Finlay, John Hamilton, Andy Kelly, Bobby Kirk, John Lough, Gordon Marshall, Jim McFayen, Jimmy Milne, Jimmy Murray, George Robertson, Gordon Smith, George Thompson. Manager: Tommy Walker.

5/14/60  Hearts 2, Manchester United 2 (at Toronto)
5/16/60  Hearts 3, Ottawa Stars 0 (at Ottawa)
5/18/60  Hearts 2, Montreal Stars 0 (at Montreal)
5/22/60  Hearts 0, Manchester United 3 (at New York City)
5/28/60  Hearts 2, Manchester United 3 (at Vancouver)
6/1/60   Hearts 3, Manchester United 0 (at Los Angeles)
6/4/60   Hearts 2, Vancouver Stars 2 (at Vancouver)
6/6/60   Hearts 3, Victoria Stars 0 (at Victoria, BC)
6/8/60   Hearts 6, Alberta Stars 2 (at Edmonton)
6/9/60   Hearts 1, Burnley 2 (at Toronto)

Birmingham City, England: May 17, 1960 – June ??, 1960. Results: 6 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses.

Roster: G. Allen, B. Auld, M. Beard, J. Bloomfield, B. Farmer, W. Foster, J. Harris, M. He;;awell, T. Hennessey, R. Neal (Captain), B. Orritt, J. Schofield, J. Singer, T. Smith, J. Watts, C. Withers. Manager: Gil Merrick.

Birmingham City 1, Third Lanark 4 (at Polo Grounds, New York City) (5/17/60)
Birmingham City 0, Cantalia 1 (at Montreal)
Birmingham City 4, Hamilton Steelers 2 (at Hamilton)
Birmingham City 3, Third Lanark 2 (at Toronto)  (5/27/60)
Birmingham City 11, All-Stars 2 (at Calgary)
Birmingham City 1, Third Lanark 1 (at Vancouver) (6/3/60)
Birmingham City 5, All-Stars 1 (at Victoria, BC)
Birmingham City 5, B.C. All-Stars 2 (at Vancouver)
Birmingham City 2, Reims of France 1 (at Toronto)

Third Lanark FC of Goascow, Scotland: May 17, 1960 – June 11, 1960. Results: 7 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss.

Roster: William Cunningham, Matthew Gray, Jim Goodfellow, Alex Hartley, Dave Hilley, William Lewis, Jim McAnally, George McCallum, Bob McCool, John McCormick, Findlay McGillvary, Ian McKinley, Allan McLeod, Dan McPartland, John Robertson, Jim Reilly (Captain). Manager: George Young.

5/17/60  Third Lanark 4, Birmingham City 1 (at Polo Grounds, New York)
5/21/60  Third Lanark 2, Ukrainian Nationals 1 (at Philadelphia)
5/24/60  Third Lanark 3, Fall River SC 0 (at Fall River)
5/27/60  Third Lanark 2, Birmingham City 3 (at Toronto)
5/30/60  Third Lanark 3, CYC All-Stars 0 (at St. Louis)
6/3/60   Third Lanark 1, Birmingham City 1 (at Vancouver)
6/4/60   Third Lanark 9, Seattle All-Stars 0 (at Seattle)
6/10/60  Third Lanark 9, Ontario All-Stars 2 (at Youngstown, OH)
6/11/60  Third Lanark 8, Chicago All-Stars 2 (at Chicago)

New York Hota to West Germany, Results: 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss

Roster: Julius Bascherow, Werner Bender, Manfred Brandt, Victor Emodi, Ephraim Hadjoglou, Perters S. Haefers, Horst Kneissl, Adrjian Kovac, William Lindorfer, Eduard Lotze, Robert Newbauer, Karl-Heinz Posky, Walter Schmid, Herbert Schmidt, Hans Zucker.

7/29/60  Hota 3, SC Muester 1 (Muenster, West Germany)
8/3/60   Hota 2, Karlsruhe 9 (Karlsruhe, West Germany)
8/5/60   Hota 2, SV Plettenberg 2 (Plettengerg, West Germany)
8/9/60   Hota 6, "Kilia" Kiel 5 (Kiel, West Germany)
8/12/60  Hota 2, Schleswig SV 0 (Schleswig, west Germany)
8/13/60  Hota 2, SV Itsehoe 1 (Itsehoe, West Germany)

German-American League Junior All-Stars to West Germany. July 30, 1960 – August 13, 1960. Results: 4 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses.

Roster: Dieter Albrecht, Sandor Baranayi, Hans Schilling, Kurt Seigles (Brooklyn), Kenneth Finn (German-Hungarian), Carl Fister, Geza Henni, Nick Henni, Joseph Hate, Tibor Resznecki (NY Hungarian), Horst Kniessel, Robert Neuhauser (Hota), Joe Krische, Helmuth Loske, Walter Loske (Gottschee), Norbert Vollmer (New York). Manager:Johann Herberger

7/30/60  German-American League 1, West Berlin Stars 7 (at Berlin)
8/3/60   German-American League 6, Eintracht 5 (at Frankfurt)
8/6/60   German-American League 5, Kaiserslautern 2 (at Kaiserslautern)
8/10/60  German-American League 0, Nuernberg 3 (at Nuernberg)
8/13/60  German-American League 2, 1960 Munich 3 (at Munich)

Holland SC to Holland: July 3, 1960 – July 11, 1960. Results: 1 win, 0 draws, 3 losses

Roster: Joe DeBoer, William DeBlok, Charles Daley, Harry Habersaat, Jan Huisman, Donny Leeda, Saul Leeda, Ewald Mendeszoon, Peter Bloeg, Jorgen Svenson, Duudy Uhbach, Andrews Van Loggen, Harry Vos. General manager: Andrew Worms.

7/3/60   Holland 1, Alphen 0 (at Alphen)
7/6/60   Holland 1, Ryswayk 4 (at Ryswyk)
7/9/60   Holland 3, Millengen 7 (at Millengen)
7/11/60  Holland 0, Voskoop 4 (at Voskoop)

New York Hakoah to Bermuda: Results: 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss

Roster: Aminoff, Banks, Cinivitz, Decker, Stephen Flamhaft, Vega and Wolanow (Hakoah), Bonnezzi and Bustamente (Brooklyn Italians), Jajan, McDermott, Sonnenblick (Inter), Nicoli (Falcons), Fornero (NY Ukrainian). Manager: Kurt Lamm.

Hakoah 9, Devonshire Lyons 2
Hakoah 3, Bermuda FC 2
Hakoah 3, Bermuda Colored Stars 0
Hakoah 6, Young Men's Social Club 2
Hakoah 3, Pembroke Hamilton SC 3
Hakoah 3, Bermuda FA Stars 4

Blau-Weiss Gottschee of New York to Austria: June 22, 1960 – July 2, 1960. Results: 1 win, 1 draw, 2 losses.

Roster: Rainer Herrscher, Walter Hoefferle, Maz Juenger, Joseph Krische, Stefan Kordisch, Helmut Loske, Walter Loske, Joseph Meditz, Hans-Peter Oehninger, Willy Schaller, Peter Sieber, Herbert Tomitsch, Guenter Uhlenbruck, Eppich Walter, Stefan Werlinitsch. Group Leader: Henry Schmuck

6/22/60  Blau-Weiss Gottschee 1, L.A.S.K. 2 (at Linz)
6/26/60  Blau-Weiss Gottschee 3, Wattens 4 (at Innsbruck)
6/29/60  Blau-Weiss Gottschee 3, Radentein 3 (at Radentein)
7/2/60   Blau-Weiss Gottschee 5, Donau 0 (at Klagenfurt)

BW Gotschee to Austria: No details availablle
Colombo (NY) to Italy: No details available

The College Game

The NCAA entered its second year of sponsoring college as a sport. This year saw many upsets, including the early season upset of defending champion St. Louis University by Farleigh-Dickonson. Only three teams made it to the NC Tournament Elite 8 with unbeaten records – Rutgers, Brooklyn (Metropolitan League) and Cortland (New York Intercollegiate). Rutgers lost to Drexel in the MAC title game, and all three lost in the NCAA quarterfinals. UCLA had a phenomenal season, defeating all of their opponents in the Southern California League, with 12 wins and 1 tie, while they scored over 100 goals. At the tournament, the quarterfinals saw St. Louis defeat California 2-0, West Chester defeated Brooklyn 1-0, Maryland defeated Rutgers 4-3 in OT, and Connecticut defeated Cortland State 4-3. In the semifinals, St. Louis defeated West Chester 1-0, Maryland defeated Connecticut 4-0, and St. Louis took the championship defeating Maryland 4-0.

1960 NCAA All-America Team 

G -  George Politz, Baltimore
RF - Hal Taylor, Haverford
LF - Berry Remley, West Chester
RH - Gyula Kovacsis, Haverford
CH - William Heyen, Brockport State
LH - Tom Scanlon, La Salle
OR - Chris Sweeney, Cortland State
IR - Igor Lissy, Drexel
CF - Walter Schmidt, Rutgers
IL - William Charlton, Temple
OL - Jim Taylor, Colgate

Conference Champions, 1960

California Intercollegiate Soccer Conference: California
New England Intercollegiate Soccer League: Connecticut
Ivy League: Princeton
Metropolitan Intercollegiate Soccer Conference: Brooklyn
Atlantic Coast Conference: Maryland
New York State Athletic Conference: Cortland
Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate League: Air Force
Midwestern Conference: St. Louis
Ohio Collegiate Soccer Conference: Akron
Mason-Dixon Conference: Baltimore
Southern California Soccer Association: UCLA
Middle Atlantic States Athletic Conference: Drexel Tech

NAIA Championship:  Elizabethtown tied Newark Engineering 2-2 (Co-champs)

Other Action

1960 National Amateur Cup Final: St. Louis Kutis defeated New York Patchogue 4-0 on May 20, 1960. The Challenge Cup tournament included 1129 teams this year.

National Junior Cup: St. Paul S.C. of St. Louis

National Soccer Hall of Fame: In 1960, Emil Schillinger was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Panamerican Cup:The US did not participate in this, the 3rd and last of this quadrennial competition intended to declare a champion of all the Americas. Argentina won the round robin with a 3-1-0 record.