The Year in American Soccer – 1940

The American Soccer League

The ASL Metropolitan Division scrapped its divisional system, reverting to a single table for league standings. But some things remained the same as the Kearny Scots won the league title with a comfortable 4 point lead. Brookhattan, who had won the American Division the previous year, came in tied for second with the greatly improved Baltimore S. C., who had finished 2nd from last in that division. Bethlehem F. C. moved to Allentown where they folded early in the season. Baltimore German Americanized their name but it didn’t help much, as they finished last. The New York Americans improved slightly, but Philadelphia Passon finished a disappointing ninth place. In the New England Division, Lusitania Sports Club finished the season tied with the Swedish-Americans, winning on the basis of goals scored, with Bird & Sons and Lusitano Recreation finishing 3rd and 4th respectively.

        Final League Standings, Metropolitan Division, 1939-40

Before the season, Baltimore German became Baltimore Americans.
Trenton moved to Paterson as Paterson SC, Bethlehem moved 
to Allenton where they folded early in the season.  

                              G    W   T   L   GF  GA  PTS
Kearny Scots                 17   12   3   2            27
Baltimore S.C.               17   10   3   4            23
Brookhattan                  19    8   7   4            23
New York Americans           19    8   4   7            20
Kearny Irish                 19    7   6   6            20
Philadelphia German-American 19    7   6   6            20
Brooklyn Hispano             19    7   6   6            20
Brooklyn St. Mary's Celtics  20    5   7   8            17
Philadelphia Passon          19    6   3  10            15
Paterson FC                  17    2   5  10             9
Baltimore Americans          17    3   2  12             8
Allentown                      folded early in season


LEADING SCORER:  Charley Ernst, Baltimore S. C. (24 Goals)

     Final League Standings, New England Division, 1939-40

(As of 12/17/1939)

                         GP   W   T   L   GF  GA  PTS
Lusitania Sports Club     9   5   3   1   29  15   13
Swedish-Americans         9   6   1   2   21  16   13
Bird & Sons               8   4   2   2   26  16   10
Lusitano Recreation       8   3   3   2   23  18    9
Boston Celtics            9   3   1   5   13  18    7
Pawtucket FC              7   2   2   3   19  20    6
Scandinavians             8   0   0   8   11  87    0

Lusitano Sports Club also known as Lusitano Gremio

Amateur League and Cup Champions

New York Senior State Challenge Cup: German-Americans
New York State Qualifying Cup: Segura
Eastern District League (NYC): Union City (Premier Division); Workers (A Division)
German-American League (NYC): German-Hungarian S. C. (Premier Division); Prospect Unity (Premier Division)
Metropolitan League (NYC): Bronx Scots (Premier Division); Segura (1st Division); Metropolitan Cup: Bronx Scots
National League of New York: Swedish; League Cup Swedish
New Jersey State Challenge Cup: Scots-Americans
Keystone League (Pittsburgh): Morgan
Washington County League: Avella
West Penn Challenge Cup: Castle Shannon
Rowland Cup (Maryland State): Ruggierio
Stewart Amateur Cup (Maryland): Pompei
Peter J. Peel Cup (Illinois State): Vikings
St. Louis Municipal League: Natural Set-Up
California Association Senior Challenge Cup: Los Angeles Maygars
John O. Belis Perpetual Trophy: Unione Espanola

The US National Team

The National Team was inactive this year.

International Tours

Atlante F. C. of Mexico: May 19, 1940 through June 9, 1940. Results: 4 wins, 2 draws, 0 losses.

Roster: Alonso, Estrada, Garcia, Guiterrez, Heranz, Huth, Lopez, Mendoza, Navarro, Ortiz, Ramos, Romero, Soto, Ventoira, Zamudio

5/19/40  Atlante 1, New York Americans 0 (at New York City)
5/26/40  Atlante 2, American League Stars 2 (at New York City)
5/30/40  Atlante 6, Brooklyn Hispano 2 (at New York City)
6/2/40   Atlante 1, Southern New England Stars 1 (at Tiverton, RI)
6/5/40   Atlante 6, St. Louis Stars 1 (at St. Louis, MO)
6/9/40   Atlante 4, Sparta 2 (at Chicago, IL)

The College Game

1940 College Conference Champions:
Intercollegiate Soccer Football Association (ISFA): Penn State, Princeton

California Intercollegiate Soccer Conference: San Jose State
Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Soccer League:  Princeton
Middle Atlantic States Athletic Conference: Swarthmore, Stevens
New England Intercollegiate Soccer League: Weslayen

College All-American Squad, 1940:

       Middle Atlantic District
Goal               Ochs, Cornell
Right Fullback     Ewing, Princeton
Left Fullback      Roberts, Haverford
Right Halfback     Hosterman, Penn State
Center Halfback    Evans, Haverford
Left Halfback      Partridge, Pennsylvania
Outside Right      Robie, Princeton
Inside Right       Galindo, Penn State
Center Forward     Flaccus, Haverford
Inside Left        Plummer, Princeton
Outside Left       Chamberlain, Princeton

      New England District
Goal               Munroe, Dartmouth
Right Fullback     Ives, Harvard
Left Fullback      Josephson, Weslayen
Right Halfback     Klaman, Massachusetts State
Center Halfback    Edgar, Harvard
Left Halfback      Carton, Yale
Outside Right      Smith, Dartmouth
Inside Right       Waters, Weslayen
Center Forward     Freeman, Weslayen
Inside Left        Gray, Springfield
Outside Left       Haines, Yale
        Southern District
Goal               Maisel, Maryland
Right Fullback     Lewis, High Point
Left Fullback      Shockley, Western Maryland
Right Halfback     Keyes, Virginia
Center Halfback    Reedy, Navy
Left Halfback      Hart, Towson
Outside Right      Farrior, Davidson
Inside Right       Davis, Navy
Center Forward     Ernst, Maryland
Inside Left        Shock, Towson
Outside Left       Tomlinson, Western Maryland

Other Results

1940 National Challenge Cup Final: Baltimore SC drew with Chicago Sparta A & BA 0-0 on May 5, and then drew again with them 2-2 on May 12, and the teams were declared co-champions.

1940 National Amateur Cup Final: On May 5, Pittsburgh Morgan Strasser defeated Fall River Firestone 1-0.

National Junior Cup: Arvella F. C. (Pa.)