Cosmopolitan Soccer League

Maintained by David Litterer The Cosmopolitan Soccer League, formerly known as the German-American Soccer League is one of the premier amateur soccer leagues in the country, as well as one of the oldest. Formed in 1923, it recently celebrated its 75th annuversary. Many National Challenge Cups (US Open Cup), National Amateur titles and state championships were won by GASL/CSL teams, and many prominent national players have come up through their ranks, the most recent being Claudio Reyna of the US National team. Originally called the German-American Soccer League, it changed its name in 1977, and required their clubs to Americanize their names (a decision which was reversed a few years later). Their web page is at:

Cosmpolitan Soccer League
League champions, 1923-1998

1927-28   DFC Newark
1928-29   DFC Newark
1929-30   German-Hungarian SC
1930-31   1st SC Vienna
1931-32   DFC Newark
1932-33   German-Hungarian SC
1933-34   German-Hungarian SC
1934-35   DSC Brooklyn
1935-36   DSC Brooklyn
1936-37   DFC Newark
1937-38   SC Elizabeth
1938-39   DSC Brooklyn
1939-40   German-Hungarian SC
1940-41   German-Hungarian SC
1941-42   German-Hungarian SC
1942-43   SC Eintracht
1943-44   SC Eintracht
1944-45   SC Eintracht
1945-46   SC Eintracht
1946-47   SC Eintracht
1947-48   SC Eintracht
1948-49   SC Eintracht
1949-50   SC Eintracht
1950-51   German-Hungarian SC
1951-52   German-Hungarian SC
1952-53   SC Elizabeth
1953-54   German-Hungarian SC
1954-55   German-Hungarian SC
1955-56   German-Hungarian SC
1956-57   New York Hungaria
1957-58   German-Hungarian SC
1958-59   New York Hungaria
1959-60   New York Hungaria
1960-61   New York Hungaria
1961-62   New York Hungaria
1962-63   Blau-Weiss Gottschee SC
1963-64   Greek American AC
1964-65   {no champion}
1965-66   Blue Star SC
1966-67   Ukrainian SC
1967-68   Greek American AC
1968-69   Greek American AC
1969-70   Greek American AC
1970-71   SC Elizabeth & NY Hota SC
1971-72   Inter-Guiliana SC
1972-73   SC Elizabeth
1973-74   Inter-Guiliana SC
1974-75   Hudson Dalmations
1975-76   Inter-Guiliana SC
1976-77   Brooklyn Italian SC
1977-78   Brooklyn Italian SC
1978-79   New York Pancyprian-Freedoms
1979-80   New York Pancyprian-Freedoms
1980-81   Brooklyn Italian SC
1981-82   New York Pancyprian-Freedoms
1982-83   Vasco de Gama SC
1983-84   Brooklyn Italian SC
1984-85   Bergen Kickers
1985-86   New York Croatia SC
1986-87   New York Hota/Bavarian SC
1987-88   New York Hota/Bavarian SC
1988-89   New York Croatia
1989-90   New York Albanians
1990-91   Blau-Weiss Gottschee SC
1991-92   Sportsfriends SC
1992-93   New York Hungaria
1993-94   Clarkstown SC
1994-95   New York Athletic Club
1995-96   New York Athletic Club
1996-97   New York Athletic Club
1997-98   New York Croatia SC
2001-02   New York Albanians
2003-04   New York Albanians/ New York Pancyprian Freedoms
2004-05   New York Pancyprian Freedoms/ New York Greek American Atlas