USA History: The American Cup

The American Cup Champions:

The American Cup was the single-elimination tournament for the
championship of the American Football Assocation, first conducted in
the season following that organization's founding in 1884. It was eventually
superceded by the U.S. Open Cup after the founding of the U.S. Football
Association in 1913.  Colin Jose, Roger Allaway and David Litterer have
been attempting to compile a list of the scores of American Football 
Association Cup finals, to supplement the list of winners that has appeared 
in many publications in recent decades. Please contact David Litterer 
( if you have any info regarding the finals for 
1890, 1891, 1893, 1894, or 1898.

1885   Kearny O.N.T defeated New York, 1-0
1886   Kearny O.N.T defeated Kearny Rangers, 3-1
1887   Kearny O.N.T defeated Kearny Rangers, 3-2
1888   Fall River Rovers defeated Newark Almas, 5-1
1889   Fall River Rovers defeated Newark Caledonian, 4-0
1890   Fall River Olympics defeated Kearny Rovers, 4-3
1891   Fall River East Ends defeated Brooklyn Longfellows, 3-1
1892   Fall River East Ends defeated New York Thistle, 5-2
1893   Pawtucket Free Wanderers defeated New York Thistle, 3-1
1894   Pawtucket Olympics defeated Paterson True Blues, 4-1
1895   Newark Caledonian defeated Pawtucket Free Wanderers 4-0
1896   Paterson True Blues defeated Fall River Olympics, 7-2.
1897   Philadelphia Mainz defeated Paterson True Blues, 5-2, 2-2
1898   Kearny Arlington 4, Paterson True Blues 2 (unconfirmed)
1899-1905   (None)
1906   West Hudson defeated Paterson True Blues, 3-1
1907   Kearny Clark A. A. defeated Kearny Scots, 4-0
1908   West Hudson defeated Paterson True Blues 3-2
1909   Paterson True Blues defeated East Newark Clark AA 2-1
1910   Philadelphia Tacony defeated Kearny Scots, 2-1
1911   Pawtucket Howard & Bullough defeated Philadelphia Hibernian 1-1, 3-1.
1912   West Hudson defeated Paterson Rangers, 1-0
1913   Paterson True Blues defeated Philadelphia Tacony, 2-1
1914   Bethlehem Steel defeated Philadelphia Tacony, 1-0
1915   Kearny Scots defeated Brooklyn Celtic, 1-0
1916   Bethlehem Steel defeated Kearny Scots, 3-0
1917   Bethlehem Steel defeated West Hudson, 7-0
1918   Bethlehem Steel defeated Bayonne Babcock & Wilcox, 1-0
1919   Bethlehem Steel defeated Paterson, 2-0
1920   Brooklyn Robins Dry Dock defeated Bethlehem Steel, 1-0
1921   Brooklyn Robins Dry Dock defeated Quincy (Mass.) Fore River Shipyard, 5-2
1922   Not Held
1923   Philadelphia Fleischer Yarn defeated Pawtucket J&P; Coates, 2-0
1924   Bethlehem Steel defeated Fall River Marksmen, 1-0
1925-1928: Not held
1929   Providence Gold Bugs defeated New York Nationals, 2-2, 4-2.

Note: In 1900 on April 14, the Scottish Americans (Newark) p[layed North Ends at Pawtucket in a game that was to decide “The Association Football Championship”. It is unclear whether this was the American Cup. In 1901, kearny Arlington defeated Newark Scots 3-1 in a game called “The American Cup”, although this was a different competition than the AFA’s American Cup.