Bethlehem’s Wonder Twins

The episode details the first quarter of the ASL’s third season including two New York derbies, a title decider between Fall River and Bethlehem Steel and the story of the “Gay Cavalier”  Alex Jackson.

Featured image: Jackson in action with Chelsea. Image:

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Alex Jackson at Huddersfield after his departure from Bethlehem Steel.
Alex Jackson at Huddersfield after his departure from Bethlehem Steel.


For more on Alex Jackson:

Simon Burton, “The Forgotten Story of … Alex Jackson, star of Scotland’s Wembley Wizards”

The Vale of Levan, “Alex Jackson, Wembley Wizard”

Music in the episode from

Theme song: Bix Beiderbecke, “Clarinet Marmalade”

Headlines: Waring’s Pennsylvanians, “Bolshevik”

Sponsor: Frank Teschemacher’s Chicagoans, “Jazz Me Blues”

Additional Music: Sidney Bechet, “Kansas City Man Blues”

Igor Stravinsky  “Piano-Rag-Music” performed by Konstantin Semilakovs from under a Creative Commons License.

Paul Whiteman, “Felix the Cat.”

Sounds from football score.wav by winsx8

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